«A logo is the face of your business 
The success of your company directly depends on what kind of logo it will be!
Never trust the design of a logo to amateurs, 
because the status and image of your business may suffer in the aftermath...»
Dmitriy Dzendo
I am delighted to welcome you to my creative studio!
My name is Dmitriy Dzendo and I am a professional logo and corporate identity designer. I have also received many awards in my field of expertise.
For more than 15 years, I have accumulated a huge experience in design, which helps me to accurately meet your needs.
My creative path began with a passion for logo design and over the years of acquired experience, he has grown to an experienced high-class master in his work.
Any logo is, first of all, the face of the company, by which your potential customers will identify your business and for them it will serve as a reference point for the main and correct choice among many competitors.
I know exactly what a logo should be in order for your business to become noticeable, memorable and prosperous!
I have a great passion for my work and immerse myself in it with great passion. Each new project is developed by me with high creativity and uniqueness.
I have completed more than 500 designs of individual orders for logos and corporate styles of different companies, which were very pleased with the work with me and the excellent results that exceeded their expectations.
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Here I am sharing my creative process.
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